welcome autism parents

As a fellow autism mama, I get it. My experience in photographing children with autism and in being a LEND Fellow at the U of M, has given me a unique perspective to see your child through a different the lens. So much of the autism journey feels daunting, dark and despair. I want to help you see your child from a lens of positivity, joy and capabilities. My mission is to reveal the beauty of every child.

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coming soon! the oxygen mask podcast

Beth Dierker, Executive Director of Communities Engaging Autism, and I are embarking on a unique project. We are creating the Oxygen Mask Podcast aimed at parents of newly diagnosed children on the autism spectrum. We’ve both been there and we’ve both been LEND fellows so we’ll share our personal and professional experiences in easing this journey for parents as they navigate their own autism path. A pause to help yourself and a breath of fresh air in a seemingly daunting journey. Launching in April 2019!

One-pager for special needs parents - $150

What’s a one-pager? A simple page of information about your child including, what’s important to and what’s important for your child, what he or she is working on and any accommodations or things to note. Easy way for parents to communicate the special needs of their child to schools, care centers, doctors, etc. Includes a one-hour consult and a PDF file delivered electronically. Allow 2-3 week turnaround.

mentoring sessions - $150 for 90 minutes

One-on-one parent mentoring session customized to your needs. I will help you see your child in a new light and give you some tools to help you become the best parent possible for your child!