Tera is available for a variety of speaking engagements. From store book signings, to autism awareness talks for schools or organizations, to mom’s groups and more. A variety of programs are listed below.

BIO: Tera Girardin has been a portrait photographer in the Twin Cities for 14 years. Her specialty is children, especially those with special needs. After her own son was diagnosed with autism, she became a part of the autism community which led her to photograph and self-publish the book, “Faces of Autism.” Her work and book have been featured on KARE11 “Land of 10,000 Stories,” WCCO Mid-Morning, PPA Professional Photographer Magazine, PASTE, and MN Parent Magazine. Tera is currently a Fellow at the University of Minnesota as part of the MNLEND Program, which is an interdisciplinary leadership training program in neurodevelopmental and related disabilities. 

Tera is not only a photographer, author and U of M Fellow, but is also mom to three teenage boys and volunteers with their swim teams and Boy Scouts. In her free time, she sleeps! 

From Autism Awareness to Autism Admiration

Tera takes you on her own personal and professional journey and how “Faces of Autism” became more than just a book but a movement to way to change the conversation we have about those with disabilities. How to elevate from mere awareness to admiration.
Great program for Rotary Clubs, parent groups and those with a limited or basic understanding of autism.

A 20 minute program. $150 (or $100 if allowed to sell books).

what is autism like?

A program designed for school age children (upper elementary - middle school), Tera will talk in basic terms what it’s like to have autism and how some of their peers may act and why. Including such themes as how kids with autism have a different operating system (using a smart phone analogy), slower processing speeds, and rusty filters. Designed to begin a conversation and build bridges of understanding.

Ideal for small school assemblies, church youth groups, Scouts and other youth service groups.

A 30 minute program. $150

seeing autism through a new lens

For autism parents, caregivers, educators and others who work with those with autism. See autism through Tera’s lens. Lessons include looking for the light in someone, focusing less on limitations and more on capabilities, being mindful about the way we talk, and reframing our caregiving strategies to include not only what’s important for our child but what’s important to our child as well. Walk away with practical strategies to be the best parent you can be.

Ideal for parents of special needs children.

A one-hour program. $250 (or $200 if allowed to sell books)

custom program

Tera will work with you to customize a talk geared for your audience. Topics may include, how to photograph someone with autism, following your joy and creating a personal project, lessons learned from self-publishing, changing the conversation we have about autism and other neurodevelopment disabilities.

Pricing depends on length of program.